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I'm elated to have moved into a physical location in September 2021, where I've established my studio, JR Animation studio LTD [JAS Kenya]. We're in Karen Village, on Ngong road.

Now working full-time with a talented team, on developing our first kids animated series to be done by the end of the year. See our social media and website WWW.JRANIMATIONSTUDIO.COM

for project updates or hiring our production services. We offer:

  • Scriptwriting,

  • Visual development [illustrations, character design, environment/background design]

  • Storyboards/Animatics,

  • 3D Modeling [Character Modeling & Texturing, Product design & Lighting]

  • Animation [2D/3D Animation, Explainer videos and Motiongraphics]

Visit WWW.JRANIMATIONSTUDIO.COM to see samples of work and order a service.

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