Blurred lines

Imagine putting work into something you want so bad tough as it might be and when you finally do get it, it turns out to be the opposite of what you thought of it. I know I know it’s confusing and blurry to you as it is to me. We all grow up with this notion that the world is an equal field which everyone has the power and mandate to reap as much as the other, right? The female gender might differ strongly to this book of thought. Why you ask? Here is my thought. The world opportunities as at this moment are so Male dominated and the female gender ought to find a way to compete with the status.

Modern Animation as you might already know is a complex technological beauty of art that would require a lot of skill and resources. As that simple definition goes by, we see many ladies shy away from it because as we have been led to believe, ladies aren’t big in the technology fan club. Sorry ladies. Then we have quite a few that have embraced it and faced the situation head on. Animation schools in the country have risen in number and we have seen an almost equal ratio of male-female students but question is, where do the ladies go afterwards?

A month ago, Nickelodeon fired The Loud House creator Chris Savino after multiple women lodged complaints against him. Industry blog indicated that these charges that dated back a decade included threats to blacklist women and unwanted advances. Co-creator of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and arrow Andrew Kreisberg was suspended over allegations of sexual harassment and eventually Warner Bros fired him. They issued a statement condemning these acts saying that they remain committed to providing a safe environment for their employees. Ladies in this industry meet these producers in their search for jobs which is very demeaning and discouraging.

You may assume that that only happens out there, but What about locally? Ladies hold only a small 20% of the creative roles in the animation industry which is not right and I believe that they should have an equal share in the industry. They bring a special sensibility, own voice, perspective and a different sense of creativity both expressive and dynamic. Instead, the ladies are relegated to certain points of the industry with a mere reason that since they are women they cannot handle both storyboarding and design in animation which are the biggest roles in the art. Going back in time a little, in the 1930s and 1940s, if a female animator wanted to work in an animation firm, she would find herself relegated to the studio’s ink and paint department, tracing and coloring the work of an all-male animation team.

I look forward to a time where we’ll have more female animators. I believe they are or can be as good as their male counterparts. Parent’s and society should encourage more their daughters,sisters and girlfriends who take up artistic career paths. Who knows, maybe they might be even better than the big boys. How will we know if we don’t give them a chance?


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