Hunter Hunted - The Journey (1)

Updated: Aug 6

This week was a Presidential election week. Skirmishes had happened before and so there was thick tension in the country. Moving about would have cost you your valuables or life..or both as there were goons taking advantage of the tension and attacking people. That meant staying put.No going to the office, hibernating like a bear during winter. For me, I took it as an opportunity to get things done.

I posted on Jan 22nd about a group project which eventually didn't get to see the light of day. Was I disappointed? Yes. As project director/producer and wearer of other department hats, I was so psyched for it and it was constantly bothering me. TODOIST notifications kept popping up, almost reminding me of my laziness. I felt like I was becoming good at procrastinating. I decided to do it by myself just to get some peace of mind.

Have you handled a big project by yourself? Everything in principle seems so easy to do until you set out to do it. Then reality hits. In my case, I probably haven't leveled up my skill enough to handle some of the scenes in my project. They were just too ambitious. But do I toss them out in favor of easier flat scenes or learn? That's the question isn't it? I love creative challenges, I learn how to get it done and even shamelessly send emails to studios and other world-class animators who often respond. They guide me along the right path and I'm able to accomplish what I need to.

So I opened up the folder, removed the cobwebs and reviewed the story.

I didn't like it.

Over the past few months, I felt I had leveled up so much that I can do so much better. It was too basic. There needs to be elements that appeal to the audience to connect with for them to like it.

I have taken story development, story-boarding, character design, environment design and other online classes on SCHOOLISM and UDEMY. I also watch a lot of animated shorts on YouTube especially those featured on the CGBros channel.I spend so much time there, I should probably stop.

Help me!! But I feel it helps me in a way. I pick up visual styles, scene sequencing, story progression among other things, and also user comments, my favorite YouTube section.

I had to put all this acquired knowledge to practice.Besides I need a new portfolio, bigger and better.

I started to re-write the story and got it to flow nicely.

I'm currently doing the animatic and will feature it in the next post.


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