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I co-admin the Kenyan 3D Artists Facebook group with my friend Jossey. It's a place where we try to nurture creative talent, specifically 3D art. Members can post wips, get constructive feedback and get tips on how to improve. For some time we came up with skill specific weekly challenges and as momentum picked up, there were suggestions of working on a collaborative project, an animated short.

The idea was enthralling and so Joseey and I agreed that I'd spearhead this one. I organised a livestream, to get members to chime in and pitch story concepts and ideas we could all enjoy working on. The strongest story wins. A creative mind, Jeff Agada had a brilliant idea, the hunter becomes the hunted.

His concept was of an eagle high up on the clouds searching for food then notices a chick {young one of a hen} tied next to a stick near a hut. It swoops down to get it for lunch but it was a trap all along. A man comes out from hiding, gras the trapped eagle and goes to cook it.

Here's an animatic of the first collaborative project I tried to spearhead. I used Toonboom storyboard pro 5. I found that I enjoyed working with the new version so much. It was amazing, but unfortunately by now my licence has expired :( so opening this project is gonna cost me....

In my opinion, The concept was good enough, although I feel it needs some reworking. There are a lot of things in story structure that we should have considered.

I'm so grateful to those who volunteered at least to get the ball rolling, like Salim Busuru, our talented concept artist, and Gitonga Kariithi, the Zbrush guru. I do hope that in future we'll collaborate on more projects.

The team got rather busy and the project stalled. I have every intention to get time to work on it till it's finished.

In the meantime, here are some concept artwork and screenshots

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