Particles Simulation with Blender 2.78

I'm fascinated by particle simulation and dynamics. It's an area I feel I'm not so good at so I decided to delve into it. However, both are not as easy to achieve, more so in blender since there's no automated effects as in C4D. Infact, most things in blender aren't automated. Your true creativity shines best and that means your work will always look unique, as opposed to a scenario where everyone uses the same plugins.

My interest started when I modeled a soda can so well and decided to texture it as realistically as I could.

Then I had this idea of making some soda splash effect.

It looked so cool in my creative mind but I knew it was going to be a worthwhile challenge. I will update this post as I go on my learning journey with blender particles.

#Blender #simulation

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