The Process of making Animated movies

Updated: Aug 6

What is animation? Please watch this 3 minute video for a concise explanation.

Animated movies in my opinion are the most captivating kind of movies. They are able to take you - the audience - on a journey into an enthralling world. They not only entertain but also educate if not communicate a message across all ages.

You may have been curious to find out how these movies are made OR you most likely have a story to tell and would want it animated but don't know how or where to start.

Well, before anything, it is paramount to understand that ANIMATION IS NOT:

1 CHEAP - it takes a lot of man hours to create good animation, it often requires expensive hardware and software to make and doesn't present instantaneous profits but realised later only after a successful launch.

2 EASY - contrary to what many think, animation is a carefully planned process, like a conveyor belt in a factory, every stage is important for the final product to come out well. It is not a simple click of buttons on a computer.

3 QUICKLY DONE - due to the intricacies of animation production stages, everything has to be done and done right so that the flaws are not carried across the next stage - creating a snowball effect. YOU JUST CANNOT RUSH THINGS. That would be setting yourself up for a "reject" final product

4 APPRECIATED - ignorance to the art form makes most individuals take it lightly thus not readily taking it up as a viable option to sell stuff or communicate delicate or important messages. No animator will want to animate something that is not appreciated. Makes sense, doesn't it? No wonder we {in Kenya} don't have as many animated films, shorts and adverts as the rest of the world does. We like seeing instantaneous results and patience is not our thing.

Only those who understand the true value and invest in animated content silently reap the rewards.

Well today you will get to see how animated movies are made.

Here's a 15 Minute video showcasing the general production process of Dreamworks Animation Studios THAT IS APPLICABLE EVERYWHERE, including that one animator in their bedroom studio.

Those very stages apply to all animated pieces, be it movies, shorts and TV adverts.

As you have seen, animation is quite the workload, requiring a skilled workforce and patience. Even an advanced studio such as Dreamworks takes years to finish their movies.

In summary, for good animation you need:

  • a great story

  • a great team consisting of great concept and storyboard artists to visualise the script,

  • a great music score, voice talent team,

  • skilled modelers, surface artists, riggers, animators and visual effects and lighting experts.

all of them supported by carefully planning,and allocating the needed time and funds for the duration of the project.

Now that you're educated on the amazing art of animation

How much of it do you think a mere individual can achieve, with budget, time and other kinds of constraints?

How much do you think it would cost to have an animated video, in view of the process shown in the video above?

If you're interested, I'd be happy to discuss more about your animated project.

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