The results are in and winners were announced for the render competition. You can read more from the Render Street website by clicking HERE

Here's the winning render by Dirk Wachsmuth.

The interpretation of the idea and execution was simply brilliant! Look at how believable those textures are! I admit, at first I thought the balloons were placed carelessly but I later realized that I was looking at a race and the balloons floating are track marks. Now this guy has successfully created an interest arousing render as you'd be curious to know what's gonna happen next!!

I came in fourth place and won myself a month's worth of free rendering. Yeeeiiii!!

From participating in the competition, I leaned that given a target or goal to accomplish you simply just have to give it your best because the world is so competitive. There will always be those who are miles ahead of you and so to stand out and maybe get a piece of the cake, you gotta keep up with them, else you settle for crumbs. It would be naive to believe you're the best just because friends and family said so. Wake up, go online and just see for yourself just how much work people are putting in their work.

I have been humbled.

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