Character modeling

I like modeling, especially 3D Characters. Here's a WIP on my new mascot. No name yet but he's Junior for now.

Im aiming for world class quality but little things are not working out for me. For instance, the eye specular reflections reflecting the HDRI environment I used are not showing enough. They are important to give life and interest to the character. Now he feels dead without them.

I researched and found that the pros use linked ights to exclusively shine on the eyeball mesh. Well, in Blender,that just doesn't work as easily as explained, since how blender treats light rays is different from, say how Maya handles lights. It will have to be rendered out separately and composited in. Now that just doesn't sound like fun to me.

The alternative would be to fake it with a round white-ish mesh representing the reflection. I think that conflicts with my semi-realistic look. It goes well for the flat, subsurface free style. I think I will have to tweak the eye shader to be more reflective with Fresnel reflections for the environment but even more reflective to camera Facing rays.

Keep watching this as I'll update my findings.

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