Loving Nature

Sometimes its good to go outside and just enjoy what nature has to offer. However, sometimes you can't go outside. Maybe it's too cold, it's raining or you're just afraid of what's out there...so why not create your own ideal outdoor scene?

As you may know, rendering nature scenes take a lot of time. My studies in Blender have been working out for me. I can now render nature scenes in about 20 Minutes as opposed to 1.45Hr when I first tried it, and then I find some elements floating in space or the texture is off. Usually, I felt disappointed but I researchd more on it and it paid off. I can tweak bad elements into shape and just re-render .

Below are my current nature render tests as Final Render settings and averaging 21minutes of render time on CPU. I have a HP Z620 Xeon E5 2630V2 with Nvidia Quadro K2000 card. She's pretty awesome and doesn't complain at all.

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