Project Janger

Sometime back in 2014 while stuck in traffic, I had this amazing idea playout in my head. I immediately took out my phone and typed-out the general plot for the story. I must have seemed weird to the other passengers but I could care less. I could hardly wait to get home and start developing the story.

About an hour later I got home. Finally!! Have you ever had that amazing concept so vivid in your mind that you just had to put it down on canvas? Well, thats exactly what happened. I fired up MangaStudio and played some Afro House and Kwaito. In about three hours this is what I came up with.

I got that feeling of accomplishment. I felt the urge to immediately share it on Facebook. But wait, what should I call it? Who is she?

It took me some time to come up with a name, so i threew evrything to the wind and called her Janger girl. Why? Well at that time, the track Ginger by L.A.X Ft. WizKid was blaring through my speakers. So i thought, hey, she's tough - soo DANGEROUS to vilians..hmm Danger girl...That didn't sound right, because she has an alias it would mean I still had to come up with her other name. "Gasp !!" Lightbulb momment!! JANE!! Yes, she could be Jane during the day and JANE the DANGEROUS GIRL. My mind was all "JANE-GER! JANE-GER! JANE-GER! JANE-GER! JANE-GER! JANE-GER!" And Janger it became.

Now what was left to do was to develop the scene further.

At the time, I was using 3DS Max for all my 3D work. I must say, it was fun working on this,despite the challenges I met. I had to learn camera projection, to master lighting, volumetrics.And its not all about lighting since the textures and shaders should be set up correctly to behave correctly with the lighting. All these things I was struggling with. Not to mention character rigging. I think this deserves a paragraph on its own.

Ok so it scared me abit, and I held off from character modeling..not because I couldnt model her but just the thought of simulating that cloak and her dress without it penetrating the body mesh gave me chills. So I sought insight about cloth simulation. At first try it seemed quite a daunting task. It made me decide to do away with the cloak and redesign her costume. She looked something like this:

I must say, I wasn't quite satisfied by the new look.I had to go back to the drawing board and get that cloak back. I also figured I will eventually have to learn cloth simulation so I could start as soon as possible and get better at it progressively. I went back to research. During this learnig path, I stumbled upon Blender.

For some reason I found the software easy to use, and more importantly the dynamics engine was soo easy to work with.

So far I have finished modeling her body mesh. I just wish I can get time to work on this project.

Updates coming as soon as they are available..

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